Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Endocronologist revisit.

Our 6 month visit to the endocronologist went well. No crying as they precisely weighed and measured her. Paige is 23 lbs. Woohoo. Still not on the chart in weight and 33 inches tall which is on the chart but not more than the 5th percentile. He said that she is following her curve be it a small one- so all is well. She is developmentally on target,and is a mighty moe. He wants to see her in one year.


Sarah said...

Do you have the Taiwanese baby book that comes from National Health Care? St. Lucy's babies have their shots recorded in it. Inside it are Taiwanese growth charts. Girls are pink. I like to compare this chart vs. the US CDC's when plotting Hannah's height and weight. Hannah will be 4 in January and she's not quite 26 pounds. :) We do whole milk and full fat cottage cheese for Hannah and encourage more apple juice instead of water to get in more calories. She eats Nutella for breakfast pretty much every day... but that's about it. Can't get her to eat avocado.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

That first picture is proof that she belongs to you....that is such a you expression!!!! LMAO!

Yay for being on the chart. Hayden does not look 4 inches taller than P....H is 2.4 lbs more. Yay for being on her own curve(we already knew she was on her own curve)

I love her.....and you too!!

michelle said...

Lexie is almost 21 pounds and just a half inch shorter than Paige. She'll be 3 in March. I think Paige is perfectly fine. Our doctor was concerned about Lexie, but he was happy that she was gaining weight and getting taller and after consulting with a nutritionist, she's getting what she needs in calories.

I loved Paige's Belle costume. So adorable!!

Joanne said...

Good news - tiny, but mighty :)

Lisa said...

Interestingly enough when I asked this Dr.if he would be plotting on the Asian chart he said no. She is pretty much the same on that chart too. Peanuts they are. Sarah I expect Paige is growing like Hannah...LOL
Wow Lexie is like the identical growth as Paige. You can finally turn around her car seat. LOL

Jules so funny that is a soo me face- she is sooooo me in sooo many ways.. Love it.

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

glad it went well!