Monday, November 21, 2011


Yes Paige is 3 today.. Wow 3. Time does certainly fly. Paige has certainly grown in sooo many ways. I will try to remember all the things that she does at this age.
*Loves to dance, and sing. Will stop everything and anything if music comes on the Tv and will dance and immitate the rockers.
*Loves to have her nails painted- diva like sits at salon and gets them done.
*Coloring has become her preferred past time. She says she is doing her homework.
*blew out her own birthday candle.
*Loves to hang out with the boys and ruff house
*knows her alphabet
*spells her name
*loves to dress up and play pinkaliscious,purpleiscious, tinkerbell, and butterfly
*Belle is her princess of choice. She loves to sing the theme from Beauty and the beast, and sit down as her gown bellows around her "like Belle"
*Paige loves to go to Gymnastics.
*Tells me I am a bad girl and that I that she is not happy when she is mad at me.
*Can still tear apart a room in 2 seconds flat.
*loves her dog more than anything else.
*Pulls out her earrings almost everyday.
*gives the best kisses and hugs.
*loves to snuggle at night.
*hates to have blankets on her during the night
*still climbs on all the chairs except now she pushes them around the room to where she wants to get into.
*Loves to name everyone in our family and say this is my family.
*has a wicked temper
*loves icecream, and her cookies
*wears 18-24 month clothes- size 5 shoe (some size 6)
Is the sunshine and light in our lives.. Happy birthday baby girl!


Joanne said...

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY sweet girl!!! We love you!!!!!!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Paige! Can't believe you are already 3:)

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to my BFF!! Paigey being 3 is awesome!! You get so much more respect when you are 3!! But you also get more time in time out now that you are 3!! I bet you get to move up classes in gymnastics like I did when I turned 3!!
I love Belle too....can't believe you have her dress....dude so jealous. Maybe I can try it on when I come to visit?? Just a short turn in it!! LOL
You have got to get past those earrings though, we talked about that this summer. Remember my mom says there are starving children in the world that would be so excited to have a pair of earrings and we should take care of our stuff or she will send it to the starving know how my mom and your mom talk:(
Dude we are going to have to get together for a dance off while Xfactor is I LOVE that show!! Who do you think will win? Did you catch Pit Bull and Jennifer Lopez on those awards last night?? Man I danced for 3 hours straight!!! Love that Bruno Mars too!!

Well girl I have something coming in the mail and I will have something for you to catch on YouTube later today. My hair is a mess right now and need to gussy up a bit first!!

Have an awesome birthday and BTW my mom says Happy Bday too!!

Love you more than noodles and rice and halloween candy!!

Your BFF Hayden Magee xoxo

michelle said...

Happy Birthday Paige!! You are just a ball of energy! Lexie would have so much fun dancing with you! She stops whatever she's doing when she hears music.

Michele M said...

WOW ! I cannot believe she is 3 !!! And is it possible to get more beautiful with time...? Happy Happy Birthday.

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Vorer alo said...

Nice Photo............ Happy birthday.

sunflower said...

Did you abdobt her from China? If you did thats soooo nice. I just learned about China's lost girls.

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